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The data that shows the incredible consistency of Ilkay Gündogan at Barça

Xavi Hernández and especially the FC Barcelona seems to have found to the brain of the team in Ilkay Gündogan. The German arrived the past summer after not renewing his agreement with the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola and practically from the first day has known to adapt to the needs of the group culé, being, to day of today, is the player more regulate of all the season, so much in minutes as in level of game surely.

And it is that Gündogan is the footballer of the Barça with more assistances during the present season and besides with more minutes, and by a lot. After the 90 minutes played in front of The Palms, the German midfield player, one of the few that do not have lesionado until the moment, has played 4.042 minutes in 51 parties this season, 43 with the Barça (3.465 minutes) and 8 with his selection (577′).

The Barça has a fixed absolute in his XI this season

This turns it into the only player culé that has been present in all the meetings until the moment, something that has seen him surpass to some another ‘crack’ world-wide that also has had a similar rhythm, as Toni Kroos in the Real Madrid or Kylian Mbappé with Paris Saint-Germain. Subtracting still two months, Gündo is a fundamental name so that the Barça still was with options in League and Champions, acting so much of pivote, as of interior and in some moments like a species of mediapunta.

In fact, in the recent stop of selections the seleccionador German, Julen Nagelsmann signalled that “it is not so cool, has a lot of meetings in his have, and can accuse them”, affirmed. However, it is not a so extraordinary situation for a Gündogan that the past course had 44 meetings until this month of April, 38 dressing of ‘cytizen’ with a total of 2.725 minutes and 6 with Germany with 416 minutes. 3.141 in total.

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