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What does Ter Stegen have to do to win his second Zamora?


One of the big managers of the impressive series of results that has accumulated recently the FC Barcelona is Marc-André ter Stegen. The guardameta German, the one who in the season 2023-24 lost 19 commitments with the elastic Barcelona because of a lumbalgia that required surgery, has showed from his return why is one of the vital elements in the diagram of the team culé, enjoying of a state of remarkable form when keeping imbatida the Barcelona goal and contributing an indispensable dose of leadership and organisation from the bottom.

The exert of the native of Mönchengladbach in the straight final of the campaign with the Catalan club has been so stood out that, in spite of having stray 10 days in LaLiga, his candidature to revalidate the Trophy Zamora, prize awarded to the goalkeeper of the Spanish championship, begins to earn more strength that never. Nevertheless, to be able to win this award, still have to fulfil a series of conditions and confront to a competition that does not seem to be simple.

What has to do Ter Stegen to win again the Prize Zamora?

In the first place, the ‘1’ of the FC Barcelona will have to surpass the threshold of 28 duels contested in the current edition of LaLiga, the minimum number of meetings that demands in accordance with the regulations so that a goalkeeper can opt to this recognition. Up to now, Ter Stegen has faced 20 days of the 30 possible, by what remain him eight dates so that it finalise the championship. If it sees action in all the remaining crashes of the Barcelona cast in this tournament (Cádiz CF, Real Madrid, Valencia CF, Girona, Real Sociedad, UD Almería, Ray Vallecano and Seville), his name could be considered eligible.

Besides, the another criterion to take into account for this election is to have the lower average of goals fit in the season, a value that obtains dividing the quantity of annotations fit between the number of clashes contested. In the actuality, if had the number of necessary parties, Marc-André ter Stegen would lead the contention by the award, since his coefficient is of 0.85 goals received by party, that is to say, 17 targets in 20 crosses, with a total of 11 goals to zero. In fact, in LaLiga, the guardameta German carries an impressive series of five consecutive meetings without receiving any so much. However, if it does not reach the number required of apparitions, will not take in account in this register by the moment.

How it goes at present the career by the Prize Zamora?

In the actuality, in LaLiga, the leader in the career by this lauro is Unai Simón of the Athletic Club, with a coefficient of 0.90 goals received by commitment after having fit only 26 annotations in 29 clashes. This figure could be surpassed by Marc-André ter Stegen if it continues to the remarkable level that has showed. In case to attain it, would turn into the fourth goalkeeper of the FC Barcelona in winning this prize in two consecutive campaigns, following in its footsteps Antoni Ramallets (5), the one who did it in two occasions (1955-56/1956-57 and 1958-59/1959-60), Salvador Sadurní (3) in the 1973-74 and 1974-75, and Víctor Valdés (5), the one who won it four times followed from the 2008-09 until the 2011-12.

Prize Zamora LaLiga 2023-24
Unai Simón (Athletic Club) 0.90 26 28
Álex Remiro (Real Sociedad) 1 28 28
Giorgi Mamardashvili (Valencia CF) 1.10 32 29
Álvaro Fence in (UD The Palms) 1.10 32 29
Jan Oblak (Athletic of Madrid) 1.17 34


Paulo Gazzaniga (Girona) 1.20 36 30
Antonio Sivera (Alavés) 1.20 36 30
Predrag Rajković (RCD Mallorca) 1.21 35 29
Stole Dimitrievski (Ray Vallecano) 1.27 38 30
David Soria (Getafe CF) 1.43 43 30

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