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The Lamine/Raphinha competition, Cubarsí, Gündogan’s new role… Xavi opens up

Xavi Hernández appeared in the previous press conference to the commitment of the FC Barcelona against the Granada of the next Sunday (21:00 h). In this instance, the trainer egarense allowed speak of a big variety of subjects related with the actuality culé, like the returns of Ter Stegen and Raphinha, the physical state of Ronald Araújo and Joãor Cancel, the roles of Pau Cubarsí, İlkay Gündoğan and Andreas Christensen, and a bunch of subjects that will be desgranados here in ‘FCBN’.

His feelings by the duel in front of the Granada

In the first place, the one of Terrassa had the opportunity to do his analysis around the rival group, the Granada, combined that at present it is submerged in a negative dynamics, being the nineteenth of the championship suspender belt. “The Granada changed some days does of trainer. They have improved in aggressiveness, imagine a party with an en bloc low Granada. It is needed of points, but have improved, have need and play a lot. We will be in front of the fans and will need his support“, limited.

In this order of ideas, Hernández also emphasized in the touch special that will have this commitment so much for him as for the Barcelona club. “It is a motivation more to personal level and also for the footballers that lately have not won the Granada. It is a difficult rival and will cost us tomorrow, is a rival that has competed against all the rivals from the arrival of Medina. It is an extra motivation for us to show that we have done an improvement. We want to continue the dynamics of Vitoria”, sustained.

The turn of Ter Stegen and Raphinha

Xavi also conversed apropos the turn of Marc-André ter Stegen to the arch culé, since it has been training with normality in the last days and presages that it could return to the goal in the commitment in front of the grenadian. “It is very important is a fundamental footballer, one of the captains and leaders of the staff. Said this am very happy with Iñaki, think that has done a very good work and has showed that it is goalkeeper of the Barça. But well, I am very happy by Marc and are speaking of a main footballer for the staff”, emphasized.

Equally, the egarense exposed his perspective around the turn of Raphinha and if this will be able to or not seeing minutes in the day of this Sunday. Besides, ‘it wetted’ on the presence of Sergi Roberto. “Rafa will be available morning. It has done a very good recovery, is positive. We see it train and be with the same dynamics that carried before the injury and will help us a lot of. Sergi goes just and the same tomorrow is not, but will be next week”, aimed.

The competition Raphinha/Lamine

The Catalan trainer touched a quite interesting subject that will arouse apropos the turn of the Brazilian, and east has to see if it will conserve to Lamine Yamal in the eleven initial, the one who comes having a flawless actuality with the combined culé, or flatly will give him entry to the ex of the Leeds like right extreme, or without even can coexistir in the terrain of game. “Yes they are compatible, the two can play inside. It is very good news the recovery of Rafa, is true that Lamine has accumulated a lot of minutes, but this long week has been good to arrive cooler“, commented.

The roles of Cubarsí, Gündogan and Christensen in the staff

To his time, Xavi has taken advantage of the occasion for exaltar the works of Pau Cubarsí, young defender that has turned into one of the big bets of the club this campaign and which has answered with grow, seeing an interesting quantity of minutes of action. “Cubarsí Will have the same role, think that has gone winning the titularity and the confidence of his mates and ours. Right now it is a very important footballer in exit of balloon, in duels but also Iñigo. The advantage of now is that have for dosificar footballers, is fundamental to have several options in the bench”, expressed.

Besides, speaking of defenders, the egarense spoke of the tactical movement that did in the past day in the duel in front of the Alavés, putting to Andreas Christensen in the zone of mediocentros. “It is one of the options, think that went out well. He is well is to taste. Has the capacity to play looking the 360 degrees, chooses well and yes, is one of the options“, added.

Equally, the one of Terrassa has left clear the beneficial that has been to give him more freedoms to İlkay Gündoğan in the centre of the field of the combined Barcelona and how this could be benefiting to Robert Lewandowski. “Sure that benefits to Lewandowski. The footballers commissioned of the last pass also have to nourish to the forwards. Muchas Times criticises them by not marking goals, but also we like team owe that nourish to the forward. The rise of 10-15 metres of Gündo has benefited him“, sentenced.

The physical state of Cancel, Araújo and the recovery of Gavi

Hernández also allowed speak of the physical state of Joãor Cancel and Ronald Araújo, since so much the charrúa like the Portuguese in the duel in front of the Alavés in LaLiga saw with some discomforts to physical level, and left clear his presence tomorrow in the crossing in front of the grenadian. “They are well the two, are annoyances that in the case of Cancel is in the knee and hurts him. In this case it thrills to see the commitment of the footballers, Romeu, Sergi Roberto, Christensen… They are well. The two will be tomorrow“, highlighted.

Apropos Pablo Gavi, the one who already began a dilated process of recovery of a complete break of the ligament crossed previous of the right knee and an injury associated in the lateral meniscus, the trainer culé gave details of his advances. “It goes very well, better of what expects , but well is Gavi, he would want to be already, but can not. It is doing a recovery of manual, of book, perfect. It is happy, is assuming it, see it very involved with the group. In spite of not being in the field is a very important person for the group“, commented.

The future of Sergi Roberto in the Barça

Finally, Xavi commented his perspectives around the future of Sergi Roberto in the FC Barcelona, since it is necessary to remember that apparently the club culé debate between renewing him or no, since his agreement with the institution culminates the next 30 June. “I do not know it, I already said my recommendation to the club, that for me is that it renew. I think that it is a footballer of team very important, so much inside the changing room as in the field. For me it is an important footballer whenever it has been available and has helped us a lot of. My recommendation is this, but are personal decisions that one has to feel and decide”, concluded.

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